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Quotes Pete has brought me from very basic level classical guitar to Grade 5 (and onwards i hope!), and his teaching style made all the difference - calm, methodical, supportive and always something new to have a go at, he maintains interest well. A great guy away from the teaching as well, he recently played at my wedding (Sept 14, Buckinghamshire) and many people said how impressed they were, i'm so glad we asked him and would recommend him to anyone for an event. Quotes
Phil Sefton
An excellent teacher

Quotes Pete is a really great teacher of the classic guitar. For many years I had lost confidence in my playing (Mainly due to a teacher who mainly spent most of the lesson shouting at me and reducing me from higher grade pieces to playing grade 1 pieces.) Although there was much to sort out with wayward timing he got me through Trinity Grade 5 and Grade 6 which I received a merit. I decided to take the plunge I studied for Grade 8 although I did not continue with Pete with my Grade 8 he provided much of the ground work towards the exam. It took three tries and I eventually passed this year with merit. Many thanks for all you have taught me. Mike. Quotes
Mike Shephard

Quotes After more than 10 years of playing electric guitar I became stuck in a rut. Peter was able to give me some new direction in my playing, as well as helping me to pass my Grade 8 exam with a distinction. Peter's versatility and open-mindedness towards the guitar (he had me playing Stevie Wonder tunes at one point) makes him an excellent and inspirational teacher. I also enjoyed his end-of-term concerts, which gave students of all abilities a chance to rock out and show off what they could do. Thanks, Peter. Quotes
Dominic Wint
Satisfied customer

Quotes Pete is a brilliant guitar teacher and musician and I feel very lucky that I have had the chance to learn from him. He's helped me with so much, from getting me through my Grade 8 to helping me with preparing for university auditions, through to teaching me theory and improving my solos and improvising. The lessons are never boring and I always go away with the feeling that I've learnt something important. I'd been playing guitar for 3 years before Pete started teaching me and I think I learnt more within the first few lessons with Pete than I had in those first 3 years! He has so much knowledge to share and my guitar playing and musicianship has vastly improved through his teaching, so thanks Pete!!! Quotes
Yasmin Hoy

Quotes I have been messing around with guitar from a very young age, self taught, attempting different styles, but about a year and a half ago I settled on classical guitar and decided I needed a teacher. I found Pete, and within about half a year I had taken grade 5 and passed with merit. I'm now working towards grade 6. I've found Pete's teaching style really refreshing. He is very encouraging, always picking out the positive even when you're having an 'off day', and he inspires you to aim high. He's very knowledgeable, and he explains things clearly, making you wonder why you thought it was complicated. The morale boost I have got from the lessons made me finally take the plunge and I'm now working towards a Diploma in Music. thanks for all your help and support Pete! Quotes
Amanda Jeffries

Quotes Peter taught my son Jonah to play electric guitar from Grade 2 through to Grade 8. I was very pleased both with Jonah's progress as well as the fact Peter instilled in Jonah a real love of playing, with his encouragement and attention to detail, making lessons both stimulating and fun. Peter is a dedicated teacher who is understanding, patient and expects his pupils to work as hard as they can. Jonah has gained a life-long love of music and the valuable gift of playing an instrument very well. Thank you Peter. Quotes
Miranda March
Satisfied Mother

Quotes I had been playing guitar in bands for years, but as the lead vocalist I was only ever required to 'bash out a few chords'. An avid listener of many guitar heroes, Eric Clapton in particular, I became frustrated that I couldn't play like that, so a friend recommended that I take lessons from a guy called Pete Gates. Pete was a revelation. He de-mystified all those confusing things like scales, modes etc and made them easy to understand. Within weeks I was not only playing Eric Clapton solos, but also making up solos of my own! I'm still the lead vocalist in my band, but now I play some of the solos, too and I'm also a solo performer in my own right, confidently playing solos behind professional backing tracks. And it's all thanks to Pete. Quotes
Gordon Blackwell
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I have been inspired by Pete's guitar playing since the first time I heard him when I was 11 years old. He helped me to choose my first electric guitar! Peter is an amazing teacher,he has such a vast and extensive musical knowledge,he is able to help you with any style or technical issue that you may have. Pete was my first guitar teacher, and he gave me the knowledge and tools that have enabled me to become a professional guitar player and teacher. Pete has a relaxed and positive teaching style that really does bring out the best in his students. In my opinion, Pete Gates is the best guitar teacher in this area, and I would recomend him to anyone. Quotes
Matt Farrow
Guitar Teacher

Quotes Good morning Peter...Just a quick note to thank you for playing on Saturday as our Wedding Guitarist...Added a nice backdrop to the chatter! Quotes
Liz West
Very Happy Customer

Quotes A brilliant teacher, patient on "off" days, great sense of humour and a considerate friend. I'm very grateful for the skills he taught me that saw me quickly through my Grade VIII in 2012, and have set me in a good position for my musical ventures in university. His musically shows through in his solos and comping ability - very happy to have been taught by him. Thank you. Quotes
Rhys Haberfield
Satisfied Student
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